Will Smith’s iRobot

Just the other day i was watching the movie, iRobot by Will Smith.  It is a movie on two divergent perspectives on the use of robots. On the supportive side of the argument were ‘sceptics’, led by detective Spooner(Will Smith) who felt robots granted artificial intelligence posed a serious threat to humanity. On the other side were the technologists led by the designer of the robots who felt robots were tools that could be used to make life more bearable for human beings (if controlled by the three laws).

The movie is quite funny and pulsating. Naturally viwers are provoked into turning sides in such conflicting situations; for or against robots?. Well the truth be told robots, or anything for that matter can be used to beautify or endanger humanity. Anything. Steel is used to aeroplanes to fly, houses for shelter. It can used be used to make guns to kill. Money can be used to set up philanthropic groups that alliviate poverty like like Carnegie Foundation, Kellog, Bill Gates Foundation etc, it can also be used to lure young girls(and even women), create conflicts and terrorism etc. The bottomline is anything that was created in this universe has the potential to be whatever one whats it to be. So rather than wasting time proving whether robots are a threat or not wherther to embrace socialism or capitalism we ought to find the opportunities for beauty and service for anything in this planet. Be blessed. 


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  1. Ben Chitambira on

    NOTE: I have puplished this comment as a blog entry on my blog at http://chitambira.wordpress.com

    Sorry to comment late on this one, kiund of captured my interest as a technologist and technoblogger(check my blog).

    You very well mentioned that anything material can be used for either good or evil(by human beings). However, you negelect to take into account that this movie is suggesting coming into existence of a new specie, which itself has power to USE matter, for either good or evil. You listed examples where human beings can use material to exploit. What you are failing to comprehent is the fact that, at a stage where we can build an intelligence capable of building upon and beyond this intelligence (Technological Singularity breakout), These intelligences could easily and quickly progress and sustain themselves without need for human intervention. At that point, it is fairly possible for them to be able to exploit human beings.

    However, most people, including the concept writers of some movies, have a misconception that such technology will be purely based on electro-technology. Their characters are therefore based on metalic robots with some incredulous electronic circuitry. This is primarily because of our limitations in distiquishing posibility and reality. This movie particularly illustrates how such intelligencies can progress and build their own prototypes which can simply evolve into hunmanoids. (a concept which is very possible considering advances in MNT)

    Humanoids and fast cloning have potential to break the current integrity of human existence.

    So the question is basically not FOR or AGAINST robots, but rather, should we build intelligences that are capable of making their own decisions? (irregardless of basis, eg. prescribed rules)

    Well, that question does not need to be answered. The very existence of human being is coined around progression, ( just as in any from of life) and its quite safe to say that already and ever since, we are by default, obviously, irreversibly and irresistibly working towards that Technological Singularity.

    Normaly this kind of talk leads me into discussing about other interesting topics like Religion and Technology, esp Technology and Christianity, but I will not be tempted just at this point to delve into that.

    It is very possible, for any independent decision capable life form to use matter for iether good or evil. The biggest mistake is to take these new “species” as matter/material, ignoring that they actually become living creatures (from the word ‘creation’)

    We already have proven what we knew all along, that we can copy and fabricate life artificially. How far can we be from artificially creating life?

    On movies, another interesting watch will be Wall-E, although myred in the misconception i mentioned before. Both these movies speculate on what already is real. there is far more to it than this and nobody has ever dared to speculate on whats possible because honestly a alot of stuff that we understand right now is all possible. This means 92% of anything a human being dare to think of, is actually possible, but only that it could be possible in a far much different way that his original thought.

    Many technological advancements todate have largely been inspired by science fiction (very true) because as humans, we tend to have our own image what we want ans aspire for (utopia) and also what we dread. Both these concepts start as fiction which may be potrayed in movies, but funny enough, we go on to progress towards both. It would have been great magic some 30yrs ago to put a cup of water in a box, close it press a button, wait for 2 minutes, retrieve the cup and serve a sizzling hot coffee.

    Needless to say, however, we are all limited by our experiences, which limit our imaginations and ability to comprehend some simple facts of existence, which appear complex, yet can be unfold to the simplex form of existence, being …..

  2. solkem on

    “However, you negelect to take into account that this movie is suggesting coming into existence of a new specie, which itself has power to USE matter, for either good or evil. You listed examples where human beings can use material to exploit.”

    Well Benny I agree robots could be a new specie capable of independent existence but I still believe the thrust of my argument still applies even if these robots become a type of specie. If these robots will be capable of independent judgements etc then we will have good and bad robots just like human beings and the argument that I believe was the thrust of iRobot will be ignited i.e. should we co-exist with these new species whose answer i still believe will also be relative.

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