Macheso To Entertain McCain and Obama?

Imagine  presidential hopefuls John McCain & Barak Obama doing the the Borrowdale, Razorwire and Kangaroo dances! It surely will be a good way to ease them nerves before the November 4 election.

According to the Herald of Saturday,  20 September Alick Macheso and Orchestra Mberikwazvo will be touring the US for the first time.

The itinerary is as follows:

October 10 : Washington DC
October 11: Philadelphia
October 12:Boston
October 17 : Atlanta,Georgia
October 18 : Indianapolis, Indiana
October 25: Dallas

This is surely a chance for the King of Sungura to go international as his popularity has largely been limited to Zim, England, Southern Africa and Australia. This could also be an opportunity to sell Sungura “Museve” music to the outside world.

It is my hope that Sungura fans in the US will come en masse to support Chikopokopo and also introduce their foreign friends to Sungura Music.

Its a pity ‘Mabhanan’ana’, as Macheso’s dancing group is affectionately known as, will not make it on this tour. Don’t despair Matoki and Company there is always next time. Check for future updates on the tour on this page this page.


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