Let Her Be Celebrated, Elevated

“She’s been degraded, exploited, not celebrated
Saturated with self hatred
Let me say that again please:
She’s been degraded, exploited, not celebrated
Saturated with self hatred
Cause every time she turns on the TV
What does she see, big o booty
And it don’t have nothing to do with the song
Thus her definition of beauty
Thus her definition of beauty
Oh, oh, oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Let her
Let her recognize the magnificence you created”

I have met and continue to meet so many beautiful women who have become self-conscious; they have totally lost their inner sense of beauty.  Possibly a result of a gradual lost of self-worth from broken relationships, ridicule from society and depravity. As I listened to this brilliant song/poem by Jill Scott entitled “The Thickness”  whose lyrics are above,  I just wish all you ladies out there could just listen and reflect on it.(though it contains some not-so-good explicit content, just eat out the flesh and spit out the bones)

Today’s women are saturated with self-hatred.  Most of us men view women as sex objects and unfortunately most women subconsciously conform to these disillusioned perceptions of women’s role in society.  Women cant influence or even force the above mentioned men to view them for what they truly are: “paragons of virtues”. It is, in the words of Stephen Covey, in their “Circle of Concern”. However they can work in their “Circle Of Influence”, for no matter who you are there is someone whose perceptions you can influence, let alone control-YOURSELF.  There is a lot of music out there that focuses on women’s journeys to self-discovery. Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott and India Arie come to mind. Music has been known to be therapeutic that’s why after listening to “The Thickness” I felt I had to share it with all the ladies out there. Be warned the song contains really explicit lyrics as it is truly poetic.

Ladies recognize the magnificence God has created in you, Let you Be Celebrated, Be Elevated.


3 comments so far

  1. nichdoldInoda on

    Stunning story, I did not thought reading this was going to be so stunning when I klicked at your link.

    • solkem on

      thanks nichdoldnoda

  2. Mellania on

    Brilliant read for sure. Makes one think why modify the beauty that is there already. The beauty inside your heart will naturally show on the outside.

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