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The Servants’ Prayer

If you have had the good fortune of being a servant at some point you would appreciate the positive and negative emotions associated with serving; from fulfillment to forgiveness to bitterness to powerlessness. The servants’ inner most response depend on their attitude to serving. In this post a servant would be defined as someone who provides her/his services to another person, “the served”, master or boss.

A close analysis of the emotions highlighted above reveals that the feelings are a result of one’s attitude towards serving as well as the “served” or boss’ attitude towards the servants. Today i will dwell on the negative perceptions of the “served”  towards the servants and the resultant attitude/behaviour of the servants specifically forgiveness, bitterness and powerlessness.


In my own opinion bitterness is the most dominant emotion servants feel towards their masters. Bitter servants who are victims of their bosses’ injustice never communicate their negative feeling towards the bosses. Instead they bottle up their anger and pretend to enjoy serving whilst awaiting an opportune time to inflict revenge if somehow power shifts. One example, controversial as it may be, of a bitter servant is Adolf Hitler. Quietly Hitler resented the Jews’ dominance and when he got a chance he presided over arguably the worst massacre of humanity. I have also seen a lot of instances of bitterness being transformed in horrendous acts of vengeance.


The most noble approach to injustice by servants is to accept that the served are just ordinary human beings who are susceptible to errors in judgment. it is an acknowledgment that the real reason why the served treat them unjustly is really prejudice whose root cause is nothing but ignorance, ignorance that can easily be dealt with with some enlightenment. One shining example of a servant’s forgiveness towards oppressing superiors is Nelson Mandela. After 27 years of being unjustly imprisoned Madiba had the courage to disappoint some of his admirers by calling on all victims of apartheid to forgive their masters.


When servants have tried and failed to free themselves from unrewarding servantship they leave everything to fate. I have met a number of servants who have resigned to destiny after having tried to liberate themselves from serving but have come to the conclusion that trying to free themselves from their masters is futile. Most of them actually believe it is God’s Will for them to serve their masters no matter how unhappy or unfair the relationship might be. I have met a lot of christians here in Africa who believe it is God’s plan for them to be poor and remain masters of the rich especially “The Chosen People” , the Israelites.


It is quiet evident that if this world is to become a better place only the second approach, Forgiveness, is the only way to go.  As having been a very unhappy, at-times-bitter and at-times-powerless servant I can attest to the fact that forgiveness, though difficult is the most fulfilling approach. Because forginevess is really hard only prayer, in my view, is the surest way of embracing it. I, thus, would like to suggest a prayer to all servants, bitter and powerless to pray in their time of need, it goes like:

“God give me the strength and wisdom to view every opprtunity to serve as a chance to bridge the gap between the servants and their masters. Whenever I feel bitter about unfair treatment help to communicate and educate my masters of the evils of prejudice if possible. If impossible help me to accept people as they are and move on. If I feel powerless remind me of the seed of greatness within me.  Teach me servant leadership; raise me from being a powerless servant into a servant leader.”


Only If You Want To

I just had a AHA! experience just now after taking a short walk down the roads of Chimoio. I feel so excited it was a real EUREKA discovery. I realised the limit to what you have in life is as simple as “Only I You Want To”. Just that, that is the key to anything good or bad.

The reason we dont have what we want NOW, I reckon, is because either we dont know that “Only If You Want To” is the only limit or we choose to forego what we want NOW because of fear or delayed gratification.

Scary Goals

I have always known that the road to greatness is in having clear, specific goals that at first seem impossible and scary, but are realistic. My experience has shown me that unmet goals can really frustrate and lead to stress and quitting. I have been guilt of this all my life.

I had stopped making ambitious goals last year, 2007, as a result of a bagful of unmet goals because reflecting on them made me realise i was going nowhere and only served to stress me more. So i stopped setting goals. However when i went back to my roots i.e. Zimbabwe, last week, i reflected on my experiences with goals and i realised i had met most of my goals albeit not in the planned time frame.

This reflection revealed to me the real nature of goals and set me up to come up with goal-setting theory i would like to share with you. I will use a scenario based on one of my many encounters with goal setting:financial goals.

Lets suppose my goal is to make or earn total of $16 after four weeks through doubling my income at the end of every week as in

week 1:$2,

week 2:$4,

week 3:$8,

week 4:$16.

Whenever i have set such goals in my life, my experiences have mostly been akin to the following scenario:

week 1: -$4(am in debt, had to borrow to start),

week 2: -$2(managed to make $2 and paid off part of the debt),

week 3: -$2(didnt sell/earn anything),

week 4: -$3(didnt sell anything had to borrow $1 to survive).

In most instances after week 4 i would then face reality and do the inevitable:quit. Stress and lose of self-confidence followed. After 4 weeks i was supposed to have $16 in pockets but i had, -$3, a deficit.

However in a FEW occasions where i was stubborn(coz i can be stubborn) here is a probable scenario. After the 4th week as above with a deficit of -$3 i refused to quit but soldiered on and this is what happened:  

week 5:  -$1(i sold $2 to a relative who pitied my seemingly useless business),

week 6: $2(sold $3, am now out of the red!),

week 7: $10(eureka, i got a big order from a real company),

week 8: $90(got three really big orders). I will stop here.

Do you get the picture? I planned for 4 weeks, didnt meet my goal, but i soldiered on and after 8 weeks i was making what i never planned to get. Thats life you dont get what you want, at times, when you really need it, but with faith and persistence you could get more than you never dreamed of. Be blessed.